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  • Description:

    Probiotics are products that help to maintain the right balance of microorganism count in the body. These help in the maintenance of the gastrointestinal tract.  It is helpful in treating diarrhea, pediatric candidemia, irritable bowel syndrome, Upper respiratory tract infections, etc. These medications are made of live yeast that is also present in the body.

    Biomed-Pro Capsules is a pre and probiotic that is composed of saccharomyces boulardi yeast. Body natural has a lot of microorganisms living inside and helping in the natural processes. But due to certain conditions, these microorganisms get imbalanced. Thus we need probiotics to maintain a balance in the bacterial and other microorganisms count in the body thus maintaining healthy processing in the body.

    • helps in better digestion of food
    • helps combat increased levels of bad bacteria that are making the body sick
    • Supports the cells on the lining of the gut to prevent the bad bacterias from the food to interact with the blood.
    • helps enhance vitamin levels

    Talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage that you should take. This will be determined on the basis of your medical condition and other physiological factors.