Best Gynae Product List in India – Women’s healthcare sector investments have grown significantly over the last few years. The women’s healthcare and obstetrics markets are growing exponentially in the wake of increased awareness, government initiatives, and a rise in women’s disposable income. With an increased demand for gynecology and obstetrics products, Gynae PCD Franchise Business has become highly profitable. Medlock Healthcare is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of gynae products also extending PCD franchise and contract manufacturing services to interested professionals and businessmen. 

Medlock Healthcare manufactures the Best Gynae Product List in India comprising a diverse range of gynecology and obstetric products. You can vividly analyze the gynecology product list through this blog and choose your preferred products for the Gynae PCD franchise business in India. All the gynae products included in the list have a high demand in the market and are manufactured as per the regulatory norms and international manufacturing standards. 

Best Gynae Product List in India

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Substantial Growth in Gynae PCD Franchise Bussiness in India 

The gynecology and Obstetrics product market has seen promising growth over the last few years. The gynae sector deals with women’s reproductive healthcare issues comprising menstrual problems, childbirth, contraception, and menopause. The major growth factors driving the gynecological products market are increasing gynecological diseases, the rise in healthcare awareness, and the increasing aging female population. With all the factors combined it is high time that you invest in the Gynae pharma franchise business. With the Best Gynae Product List in India offered by Medlock Healthcare, you can also start your gynae franchise business in India. 

Key Factors Driving Growth in Gynecology Drug Market: 

  • Rise in research and development related to gynecology and obstetrics products.
  • Increased awareness about women’s healthcare products 
  • Government initiatives to promote investments in women’s healthcare sector 
  • Rise in the disposable income of women
  • More open discussions about menstruation and other gynecology products

Best Gynae Product List in India Offered by Medlock Healthcare 

Medlock Healthcare is a renowned pharma company in India, well-known for delivering high-efficacy pharma products. After years of research and analysis, our company has formulated the Best Gynae Product List in India, ideal for Gyae PCD franchise or contract manufacturing services in India. All the products target several gynecological and obstetrics concerns such as childbirth, hormonal concerns, menstrual problems, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The entire product range is manufactured under the observation of quality assurance and quality control experts ensuring the high quality and safety of the products. You can choose your preferred product from this Best Gynae Product List in India for business opportunities or distribution purposes in your preferred location. All the gynaecology products are made with the finest raw materials treated in a GMP-certified facility leading to its high demand in the Indian healthcare market. Go through the Gynae Product List of Medlock Healthcare to get a glimpse into the product range manufactured by us in the table below: 

S. No.

Brand Name



1 MEFEXA-D Drotaverine Hydrochloride & Mefenamic Acid Tablets Blister Packs
2 FEROLOC-XT Ferrous Ascorbate 30 mg + Folic Acid 550 mcg/5ml Bottles
3 FEROLOC-XT Ferrous Ascorbate 100 mg + Folic Acid 1.5 mg + Zinc 22.5 mg Tablets Blister Packs
4 FRACTOCAL-D3 Calcium Citrate 1000 mg + Vitamin D3 200 IU + Zinc Sulphate 4 mg + Magnesium 100 mg Bottles
5 IROLOC-XT Iron Sucrose 100 mg Injection Vials
6 FRACTOCAL-CZ Calcitriol + Calcium Carbonate + Zinc Soft Gel Bottles
7 LYCMED Lycopene Multivitamin + Minerals with Antioxidant Syp Bottles
8 FRACTOCAL-D3 Calcium Citrate 1000 mg + Vitamin D3 200 IU + Zinc Sulphate 4 mg + Magnesium 100 mg Tab Blister Packs
9 MEFEXA-T Mefenamic Acid 250 mg + Tranexamic Acid 500 mg Tablet Blister Packs
10 LYCMED-FORTE Lycopene with Multivitamin + Multimineral Softgel Capsules Bottles
11 SICLOC-F Cefuroxime Axetil 500 mg Tablet Blister Packs
12 MEFEXA-S Mefenamic Acid 250 mg + Dicyclomine 10 mg Tablet Blister Packs
13 URINA MED Herbal Uterine Tonic Bottles

Partner With the Best Gynae Medicine Manufacturer and Supplier in India 

Medlock Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gynae products in India. We have received several approvals from ISO, GMP, and WHO making our company a credible name in the pharmaceutical market. After years of research and clinical trials has formulated a diverse range of pharma products in different product categories Injectables, Tablets, Capsules, Syrup & Suspension, Dry Syrup, Ointments, Sachets, Powders, etc. All the products are delivered in the premium packaging to make it more sturdy and leakage-proof. 

We are backed by a team of highly professional and qualified scientists to deliver enormous customer satisfaction. With the continuous efforts of our team, we offer the Best Gynae Product List in India. We invite all interested pharma professionals and distributors to collaborate for gynae PCD franchises in India or third-party manufacturing services for gynecology products. 

Benefits of Choosing the Best Gynae Product List in India 

  • Access to a wide range of high-quality gynecology and obstetric products 
  • Product range ideal for gynae PCD franchise and third party manufacturing 
  • Assurance of superior quality, high efficacy, and safety on all the products
  • Use of finest raw materials and sturdy or leakage-proof packaging 
  • Prompt delivery of gynae products within 24 hours 
  • Gynae product range with high demand in the market 

The best Gynae Product List in India offered by Medlock Healthcare is not only at par with quality, it has also won the hearts of consumers making it suitable for Gynae PCD franchise and third party manufacturing services in several prominent locations in India. 

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