Five trends to watch out for in the pharma industry in 2021 – We all knew that the pharma industry is growing and will continue to grow. Pharma industry includes the business of medicines that will improve the health of people. There are several firms working in the Indian market that are working with a goal to improve the health of people by delivering high-quality pharma products. The pharma industry has changed over the years and new methods or trends are being adopted by companies every year. In this blog by Medlock Healthcare, we will tell you five trends to watch out for in the pharma industry in 2021. Our firm has done its research and gathers useful information for you. So without any delay, let’s get started.Five trends to watch out for in the pharma industry in 2021


Among all the popular trends, the most significant trend in the pharma industry to look out for is e-consultations. Now people prefer to contact the doctor or a healthcare professional via live video calls. The year 2021 will be all about E-consultations. Due to the spread of viruses worldwide, patients prefer to consult a doctor or a healthcare professional online via a live video call. Hence, the E-consultations will be trending in 2021.


E-purchases are getting huge popularity nowadays. Under E-purchases, medicines are purchased online by uploading the doctor’s prescription or home collection of blood samples. This trend has its own importance as people from remote areas can also order medicines that are not availed able in their areas. Moreover, people nowadays prefer to buy medicines online as they are afraid to step outside because of the covid-19 virus. Hence, It will be trending in 2021.

Virtual Care and Remote Purchases

Imagine how convenient and pleasing will be to get the same level of treatment at home that one would receive in a hospital. If it is possible then it makes sense to do. In 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, we saw a rise in virtual visits and it is predicted that this number will increase in 2021 as well. This is also predicted by researchers that by the mid of the year 2021, this number will touch 1 billion. Remote medicines will also increase in numbers as it will also doctors or healthcare professionals to take more patient consultations and reduce the risk of spreading any contagion. Now, this is critical especially in India and China where there are a large population and shortage of doctors.

Faster Drug Discovery

With the advancement in Al algorithms, new technology, and early-stage experiment, the time to design and formulate a new drug or medicine has lowered down. All these new technological advancements are helping to bring down the cost and time to innovate and launch new formulations in the market.  All the critical trials, research & development, and tests now become tech-oriented and the pharma firms are boarding health-tech partners for the drug discovery.

Advanced Content Marketing

As more and more of the medical and the healthcare goes online, the creation of applications or websites has also speeded up. The trending method that is being adopted by healthcare professionals and marketers is to create an application or website with custom content centers. They use interactive and appealing widgets, images, doodles, personalized videos, and many other forms of content to create awareness or inform patients directly. These things help healthcare professionals to directly inform all the patients rather than allow them to search for information themselves.

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