How PCD Franchise Business Differs from General Pharma Franchise Business – The business model in the Pharma industry is different from any other industry. The business model in the pharma industry offers numerous career choices in the pharma industry. You might have heard the words like Ethical, authentic, PCD, and General Pharma franchise when you enter into the pharmaceutical industry. All these things are almost similar but in some aspects, they differ. In this blog by Medlock Healthcare, we will tell you the difference between PCD Franchise Business and General Pharma Franchise Business.

The common and main difference between the PCD Franchise Business and General Pharma Franchise Business is their strategies of marketing and size. The marketing strategies followed in both industries differ. Now let us discuss some points in detail.

Allotted Area of Sales

The allotted area of sales in the Pharma Franchise is bigger and every work needs to be carrying out ethically. There are some protocols or requirements that have to be taken care of to get a pharma franchise. The area for sales activities completely depends on the rights that you will get from your franchise provider firm. When we talk about the PCD Franchise, a small area is needed to conduct and undertake the working activities.


Investments are probably the most crucial factor in every business. A small amount of investment is required in a PCD pharma business as the requirement is minimal and this business sector can be managed by small management as we. On the contrary, General Pharma business needs huge investment and a large number of the workforce as the size and demand are huge in this business segment. The risk factor also differs in both the business segment. As the amount of investment in PCD Pharma is low, the risk factor is also less and the amount of investment in General Pharma business is high, the risk factor is also high.

Sales Target

The Company allows sales targets to the pharma professionals who have franchises under the Pharma Franchise business. These sales targets need to be achieved by pharma professionals. Most firms give some good incentives for meeting targets. On the other hand, under the PCD Franchise, there are no sales targets and one can work without any sales pressure.

Promotional Support

Firms offer excellent and attractive promotional support under the Pharma Franchise Business. Under this business model, all the pharma franchise partners or associates get excellent promotional strategies as it works on a larger scale. The firm offers direct marketing, promotions, and sales support. The situation is not the same in the PCD Franchise model. Under this, the firms offer promotional support via some promotional tools like visiting cards, visual aids, catch covers, and much more.

Product Catalog

The product catalog includes details about the products and their means to maintain your product list. If you work in a small PCD Franchise then it is easier to manage a product catalog. On the contrary, the requirements of managing products catalog are higher in the Pharma Franchise model. One needs excellent managing skills and good software to manage product list along with distributor lists.


Eligibility requirements

The person or individual is required to have a minimum working experience of 1-3 years on a managing level under Franchise marketing or Pharma Franchise. It includes positions like ASM, RSM, or a pharma distributor. Whereas no experience is needed under the PCD Franchise business. Anyone can apply for the PCD Franchise. There are no special requirements of experience under this.


To conclude, the Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise do not have a big difference in general. They both are almost the same. The main difference is that one works on a larger scale and the other one works on smaller scales. The PCD Franchise is a brilliant option for those people who are starting the business on a sole proprietorship basis means individually and the pharma franchise business is a good choice for people who are looking to start a business in partnership. We hope that this blog by Medlock Healthcare helped you in understanding the exact difference.

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