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Product Description

Clindamycin Capsule is related to that class of medications which are known as antibiotics that are used to treat problems with pimples.  Acne is a kind of health condition, in which hair follicles are blocked due to oil and dead skin. The symptoms of acne include blackheads, large pimples, red pimples, and pus-filled pimples.  Clindamycin is a drug that provides relaxation from symptoms of bacterial infections. Clindamycin works by blocking the bacterial protein synthesis process by bacteria to stop the unlimited growth of bacteria. Additionally, Clindamycin Capsule works against bacteria for treating bacterial infections like infections of the throat, lungs, stomach, skin, dental, joints, bones, and soft tissues.

Clindamycin Capsule contains a salt named Clindamycin. This drug has its own healing property to treat infections caused by bacteria. In other words, we can say that it has antibiotic properties. Clindamycin Capsule stops the growth of infections in the body of the patient. The uses of Clindamycin Capsules are beneficial for the patients. Patients should use the Clindamycin Capsule only after the recommendation of professional healthcare. The doctor recommends the patient take Clindamycin Capsule with or without food. To avoid gastric issues it is better if the patient consumes Clindamycin Capsule after a meal.

If the patient wants fast recovery then it is mandatory for the patient to use Clindamycin Capsule and continue without skipping the dose. Otherwise, the user may face some symptoms of health issues. The user of Clindamycin Capsule should follow the prescription chart for doses with duration for the best treatment. Like other medicines, Clindamycin Capsule also has some common side effects with consumption, and these side effects include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, and headache. The side effects of the use of Clindamycin Capsules are normal in nature, in other words, we can say that, these bad effects do not need to treat, because these side effects are gone after some time, but in case of having severe bad effects patient should contact his doctor as soon as possible. In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding patients may consult their doctors. 

Product specification of Clindamycin Capsule

Brand name: CLINDALOC-300

Manufacturer: Medlock Healthcare

Category: Antibiotics

Country of origin: India

Composition of salts: Clindamycin Capsule

Packaging size: 10*10

 Medicine type: Allopathic

Strength: 300 mg

Usage: hospital, clinical, and commercial

Product type: Finished Product

Prescription / non-prescription: Prescription

Form of Medicines:  Capsules

Uses and medical benefits of Clindamycin Capsule

Clindamycin Capsule works for treating a bacterial infection in the body of the patient. Additionally, Clindamycin Capsule has versatile antibiotic properties that control the increment of infection.  On the other hand, if we point out the medical benefits of the use of Clindamycin Capsule, then we can say that this medication is clinically beneficial in many ways it provides relief to the patient from symptoms of bacterial infections like joints, blood, heart, lungs, stomach, skin, the soft tissue of skin, and bones.  Overall, Clindamycin medicine works to treat various health issues of the human body including ends up all the bacteria in the human body.

Safety advice with the use of Clindamycin Capsule

Safety is important in the case of using any kind of medicine because if the medicine is not used safely or with precautions then it affects badly on the patient’s health. Usually, all safety precautions are mentioned on the packaging of medicines if not then one must ask the pharmacist for safety with the use of the drug.  Following is some safety advice regarding the use of Clindamycin Capsules.

  1. The use of alcohol is safe with the use of Clindamycin Capsules, but to avoid dizziness patients should never use alcohol.
  2. Generally, doctors prescribe the consumption of Clindamycin Capsule to pregnant ladies with low doses.
  3. In the case of breastfeeding, the use of a Clindamycin Capsule is safe if prescribed.
  4. Driving with the use of a Clindamycin Capsule is safe.
  5. Kidney and liver disease patients may consume Clindamycin Capsules only with the recommended dose.


Medlock Healthcare is not giving permission for self-medication of Clindamycin Capsule; it may lead patients to the symptoms of severe bad effects.





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