• Omeprazole and Domperidone Capsule

OMELOC-D CAPSULE | Omeprazole and Domperidone Capsule

Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg

Product Description

Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules – Made with a combination of two medicines namely Domperidone and Omeprazole, this Capsule is a medication that is used for the treatment of issues like Acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and peptic ulcer disease. Further, it helps to provide relief by alleviating symptoms like stomach pain, heartburn, or irritation. It also neutralizes stomach acid and promotes easy gas passage, reducing abdominal discomfort. Available with the brand name OMELOC-D, this medicine is manufactured and supplied by the Best Omeprazole & Domperidone Capsule Manufacturer, Medlock Healthcare.

How Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules Work

Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsule is a combination medication that together gives excellent relief to Gastro health.

Omeprazole: Omeprazole belongs to the class of PPI (proton pump inhibitor) that works by decreasing the quantity of acid in the stomach, thereby relieving acid indigestion and heartburn.

Domperidone: Domperidone belongs to the class of prokinetics that works on the upper digestive tract to raise stomach and intestine movement. This allows food to pass more easily through the abdomen.

Quick Tips for Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules Usage

If you want to get the most from this medicine without any side effects, then we recommend you keep in mind the following instructions:

  1. Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules have been recommended for the treatment of acidity and heartburn. Thus, do not use this medication for other disorders.
  2. It is advised to consume it at least one hour prior to a meal, preferably first thing in the morning.
  3. This medicine is generally a well-tolerated medication that offers long-term relief from acidity and heartburn.
  4. Keep your doctor informed if you have encountered issues like watery diarrhea, a fever, or persistent stomach pain after taking Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules.
  5. Immediately notify your doctor if you do not get relief even after 14 days because you may be suffering from another problem that requires attention.
  6. The prolonged usage of Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsule can result in weak bones and a lack of minerals such as magnesium. Take calcium and magnesium supplements or calcium and magnesium supplements as directed by your doctor.

Safety Advice to be Followed

In order to protect yourself from unwanted side effects along with getting complete medicinal benefits, you must take certain precautions. Take into account the following safety advice while taking Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules:

  1. Never exceed the recommended dosage and keep it as directed by the doctor.
  2. Make sure to complete the full course of Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsuleswithout any misses to get the best results.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol during the course of Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules.
  4. Make sure to use a calcium or magnesium supplement along with this medicine.

Side Effects

Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules are safe to consume as most side effects are harmless and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication.  But, it is recommended to consult your doctor if they persist or become tough for your health. Here are the adverse effects associated with Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg Capsules:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Dryness in mouth
  3. Flatulence
  4. Stomach pain
  5. Headache


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