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Cefoperazone 1000 mg

Product Description

Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection is related to antibiotics, a group of medicines that are useful in the treatment of various bacterial infections. These infections include lungs infection, joint infections, urine, skin, abdominal, blood, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, bone, and sexually transmitted infections. Bacterial infections are infections in which bacteria enter into the body of the patient through a cut or wound and come in contact with any infectious person. Due to this, harmful bacteria divided themselves into multiple and make sick that person. These bacteria destroy the tissue with the toxins produced by them.

With the use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection, patients may face some symptoms and health issues like allergic reactions, abnormal liver function tests, diarrhea, and a low number of blood cells. Many patients with these side effects do not need any medical treatment, because these effects resolve after a time. On the other hand, if patients feel that the side effects gradually increased with time then as soon as possible contact your doctor to stop the symptoms of harmful side effects. This injectable drug is a prescription drug so a doctor’s consultancy is important for use.

Uses And Medical Benefits with Use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg Injection

The primary function of this medication is to treat all bacterial infections. This medicine is not recommended for use to treat infections caused by viruses like cold, flu, and cough. Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection is manufactured only for clinical use. This is made up of a valuable drug named Cefoperazone, which comes under the category of antibiotics. This salt works by controlling the growth of bacteria on the affected site, it damages the bacterial cell covering wall which is important for the survival of bacteria. Overall, this medicine ends up all the bacteria on the affected site with its antibiotics healing properties.

Common bad effects

Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection is a multi-drug therapy, use to avoid symptoms of bacterial infections. Usually, this drug is safe to use but in rare cases, some users feel some common side effects with the use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection. All patients are advised to consult with their healthcare in case of any side effects. following are some common side effects.

• Anemia
• Diarrhea
• Allergic reaction
• Abnormal liver function tests


Following are some precautions to get fast recovery and avoid side effects.
• Complete the full course of medication with prescribed doses even if you feel better.
• Do not skip any dose of injection to avoid half recovery.
• Stop the use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection if the patient may feel swelling of the face and mouth, rashes, itching, and difficulty in breathing.
• Avoid consumption of alcohol with the use of medication.
• Before using Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection, a prior sensitivity test is important.
• In case of feeling nauseous patient should avoid heavy meals and try to stick to simple meals like khichdi, dal, and roti.
• Use of this medication in children is safe after recommendations from professional healthcare.
• Avoid the use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection during the breastfeeding period because the medication can be passed into milk after injection.
• Pregnant females should consult their doctor before having the dose of this injection.

Dosage and storage of medication

The dose and duration of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection will recommend by a professional doctor because it is an injection, and medical guidance is important while injecting the patient for safety purposes. The doctor advised keeping medication at room temperature away from the reach of children and pets. Throw the needles and bottles after use in the bin. Take this injection after a meal to avoid stomach upsetness.


Medlock Healthcare never advised self-medication with the use of Cefoperazone 1000 mg injection, a consultation with a doctor is a must.


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