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Our bodies are a kind of machine and this machine has different compartments these compartments need different kinds of fuels to perform the different functions of the body. In the same way, the human body needs nutrition to work properly and these nutrients we get from different food sources, generally milk is the best balance diet but this too lacks in Fe (Iron). Iron is a very essential nutrient that you can get from leafy vegetables but sometimes our body is unable to extract the iron from its source and which reduces the blood count of the Red blood cells.

The reduced RBC (Red Blood Cell) cause the problem of Anemia which can impact negatively on your overall health. Because RBCs (Red blood cells) are needed to create a protein name Hemoglobin and this protein helps to carry out the oxygen to different parts of the body and supply a sufficient amount of the oxygen which your tissue generally requires. IRON SUCROSE 100MG injection is used to fulfill the deficiency of Iron and prevent condition of Anemia. This drug comes as injectable which makes it more effective. This is an intravenous injection that is injected in the veins which directly goes into the bloodstream and starts showing its therapeutic effects.


Every medicine has its mode of action which it performs for treating certain medical conditions. This injection is used to treat the deficiency of iron and help in treating the problem like Anemia. IRON SUCROSE 100MG is injected into the bloodstream where this Iron Sucrose is broken down into the simpler form of Iron and Sucrose.  After their breaking down iron forms a complex with transferrin and after that, this complex compound targets the cells which include the erythroid precursor cells. This process helps the iron to incorporate with hemoglobin when these cells get matured into RBD (Red Blood Cells).

This hemoglobin protein helps in transferring oxygen to every part of the body which makes your tissues healthier. This process also helps in generating new cells and this supplies oxygen to make your muscle strong.


We need a proper diet or balanced diet to maintain our body. But sometimes due to poor diet, we do not get a sufficient amount of iron which generally causes the problem of Anemia. And this problem generally occurs when your body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of RBC (Rev Blood Cell) and to deal with such a condition you need supplements for iron and for that IRON SUCROSE 100MG can be used. This is a good replacement for the iron. But this should not be self-injected ask a health care expert for that.  These are some benefits you can gain by using this Injection.

  1. You do not feel weakness and tiredness because it will increase the RBC.
  2. This injection helps in the formation of hemoglobin which is required by the body for transferring oxygen to the different parts of the body.
  3. This help in generating new broken cell which helps in maintaining your health condition.


This injection must be only used if you have anemia due to the deficiency of Iron otherwise you can suffer from adverse effects. This injection is chemically formulated and this sudden rise of something in the body causes some side effects. These are some side effects of this IRON SUCROSE 100MG intravenous injection.

  1. There can be changes in taste due to this medication.
  2. There may be a reaction at the site of injection which includes swelling, redness, and pain.
  3. You may suffer nausea symptoms.
  4. You can suffer from hypersensitivity due to high blood pressure.
  5. You may suffer from decreased blood pressure.


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