Brand Name : ROXILOC-250


Product Description

Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg Tablets belongs to the class of medications known as antibiotics which treat bacterial infections in humans. It is used in patients suffering with bacterial infections of ear, eyes,nose, sinus, stomach and urinary tract. It acts by blocking the growth of bacteria in the affected organ.It is not useful in the treatment of flu or the common cold as they are viral infections. Use only when clearly needed.

Medicinal Usage of Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg Tablets

Take this antibiotic twice everyday(with a gap of around 8-13 hours or as directed by the physician. Swallow this medicine as a whole with water or other miscible liquid without crushing or mixing it. This may lead to the damage of drug contents.

Taking this medication with food may increase drug absorption and in turn expel digestive upset. Continue to take the Cefuroxime tablet even after the signs and symptoms are cleared after a certain dosage . Discontinuation without telling the doctor may promote further growth of bacteria and regress the infection.

Elaborated Drug Precautions and Warnings

There are certain precautionary measures that one must follow while using CefuroximeAxetil 250 MG tablets. The enlisted points must be taken care of :

  1. Inform your doctor if this medication may cause an allergy in your body. Recall any instances of allergies from any medicines, specific antibiotics like cefuroxime or other pencillin antibiotics.
  2. Tell your doctor if you had a gastrointestinal problem, intestinal issue, liver damage or kidney impairment.
  3. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have pregnancy plans to avoid any harm from this medication to the baby.
  4. Donot consume this medicine after the expiry date. Keep out of reach of children in a dry place.
  5. Donot endure any activity which requires focus and attention until you are aware how this medication alters your alertness and other cognitive functions.
  6. This drug may pass through breast milk. consult your doctor for more details while breastfeeding.
  7. Take antacids two hours before or after taking Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg Tablets as they interfere with its absorption.
  8. Limit alcohol and other substances to prevent extreme drowsiness with the regular use of this medicine. Tell your doctor if you are using cannabis during the treatment.

Unpleasant  Effects of Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg Tablets

Cefuroxime Axetil Tablets may various side effects along with needed effects in some cases. The below listed are among the common ones.




Vomiting or Nausea




The below listed side effects are fatal and must be reported as soon as possible. Donot wait for them to self-resolve.

Weakness or Numbness

Sore throat and fever accompanied with chills

Mental or cognitive issues

Abdominal or back pain

Uncommon movements

Bruising or heavy bleeding

Change in urine colour


For further information,visit your doctor. The doctor will suggest prevntions from these side effects or may lower the dose.

Note- Cefuroxime is known to interact with oral birth contraceptives. The effectiveness of both medicines can be decreased. It also reacts with many antacids and leads to decreased absorption. Definetely inform your doctor before using this medication if you are using contraceptive pills or antacids.


Widely Asked Questions.

Question: Can cefuroxime tablets cause indigestion and bloating ?

Yes, in some cases Cefuroxime Axetil tablets may cause gas and digestive issues. Take it with food to avoid such circumstances.

Question:Is this medication for UTIs in women?

Cefuroxime is known to cure uncomplicated urinary tract infections effectively.

Question: Are there any contraindications of this medicine in pregnancy?

In pregnant and lactating women, use this medicine with caution. Contact your doctor for more details.


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