Product Description

MAGALDRATE 400 MG + SIMETHICONE 20 MG SYRUP by Medlock Healthcare is one that is specially made to release all excessive amount of gastric juices that troubles the stomach. The drug belongs to the category of antacids that are used to treat severe acidity, heartburn, and digestive issues. The usage of the product provides intense relief from such problems.

MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE  SYRUP is composed of salts namely, Aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and dimethicone. The salts work as an agent and provide a barrier in the production of gastric juices. It decreases the formation of gas bubbles by controlling the formation of gas in the digestive tract. There might be a time when the patient consuming MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE Syrup might undergo somebody changes such as loose stools or constipation at times but that would be completely normal and won’t require any medical attention.

Compositional Mechanism for MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE  SYRUP

The components used in the formation of the syrup have their own benefits that mainly help in the treatment of gastric issues. The product is a combination of Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide, and Dimethicone.

Aluminum Hydroxide
It is an antacid that mainly works in the release of heartburn, and a sour stomach. It also promotes the healing of peptic ulcers. The usage of this salt is entirely safe for the consumption of people.

Magnesium hydroxide
This salt belongs to the class of saline laxatives. This provides the cure in the treatment of constipation but for the short term only. It is proven beneficial in the cure of occasional stomach acidity that is caused by the consumption of unhealthy oily food.

It is used for releasing bloating and stomach pain. It processes the release of gas bubbles which mainly causes the gas in the stomach. It also helps in the release of gas through belching, commonly known as burping.

Precautionary guide for MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE  SYRUP

One needs to floor certain criteria with the usage of the syrup

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited with the consumption of syrup.

Oily food
One needs to avoid oily food as the excess oil promotes acidity.

Lactose products
Lactose might be the best compound for our body but when it comes to gastric issues, it promotes the gas. Hence it is advisable to avoid consumption.

Pregnant women
It is advised for pregnant women not to consume the syrup as it may not be beneficial to their health.

Overdosing the product might result in adverse effects which may not be feasible.


There are several side effects of the consumption of the product.

Loss of Appetite
One may feel a loss in appetite due to the salts.

It is another cause of the dose.

There might be a noticeable condition of diarrhea which will affect the routine.

Directions to use

The dose recommendation has to be with the prescription of the doctor only and there should be no overdosing of the product.


The product must be stored in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight but not in the fridge.

Note – MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE SYRUP is for external use only.

Disclaimer – MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE SYRUP is not to be consumed by children.

Frequently asked questions for MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE SYRUP


Question 1. Are the salts used in the production of syrup safe?

Answer 1. Yes, they are entirely safe for consumption.

Question 2. Can MAGALDRATE  SIMETHICONE SYRUP cure the acidity caused by pregnancy?

Answer 2. One has to consult the doctor before consuming the syrup during pregnancy.


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