viavidang 60mg ,chitrak 50 mg , inderjak 80 mg , dhamasa 50mg ,lajjalu 50 mg , neem phal 30mg , nagkesar 50 mg , bilva phal 50 mg , trikatu 80 mg

Product Description

Ayurvedic piles relief capsule is a type of ayurvedic medicine that is used in the treatment of Piles, anal fistula, constipation, and anal fissure. If you are looking for the best medicine for piles then an Ayurvedic piles relief capsule is the best option for it. It also helps the digestive system, improvement in metabolism, and helps in the reduction of inflammation also. It stimulates the immunity system. Ayurvedic piles relief capsule provides relaxation from all symptoms of piles. And Ayurvedic plié relief capsule helps to treat piles from its roots. This ayurvedic capsule is produced with the best quality herbs that never include harmful chemical substances. And the uses of natural ingredients for the production of ayurvedic capsule make them easy to use for regular purpose.

The main ingredients of ayurvedic piles relief capsules are Viavidang, Chitrak, Neem phal, Dhamasa, Bilav phal, Trikatu, Inderjak, Lajjalu, and Nagkesar. These are the natural components of the ayurvedic capsules which are fast relievers.

It doesn’t matter what type of piles you have like mild or moderate. Use of this medication with the right guidance you can end your disease. Ayurvedic piles relief capsules also decrease the chance of operation and make your treatment affordable. The dose and duration of medication depend on the gender, age, and condition of the patient.

Details of Herbal Piles Relief Capsule:

Brand: Med pile relief capsules

Usage: Hospitals

Category: capsules

Elements of Ayurvedic piles relief capsule:

  • Viavidang(60mg)
  • Chitrak(50mg)
  • Inderjak(80mg)
  • Neem phal(30mg)
  • Nagkesar(50mg)
  • Bilva phal(50mg)
  • Lajjalu(50mg)
  • Trikatu(80mg)
  • Dhamasa(50mg)

Features of Ayurvedic piles relief capsule:

Every medication has its features whether it is ayurvedic or modern.  If we talk about the quality of ayurvedic medicine then the word Ayurveda is a quality in itself. Ayurveda medicines are made with natural herbs which are safe to use.

  • Long shelf life
  • Effective in use
  • No aftereffects of ayurvedic piles relief capsule


All medications of ayurvedic plies relief capsules are produced based on traditional ayurvedic knowledge and modern research. Due to real and fresh components, this medication is free of bad effects.

Benefits of Ayurvedic pile relief capsule:

  • It helps patients relieving from pile pain.
  • This medication helps in the reduction of bleeding and burning sensation from pile pain.
  • Provide relief in constipation
  • Improve urination blockage
  • Fast recovery of internal wounds
  • Fast relief from intestinal gas

Ayurvedic pile relief capsule dose routine:

In most of the treatment cases of piles common dose is recommended by the doctor. It only depends on the patient’s health condition. Following are the dosage.

Adult: 1 capsule

Frequency: two times daily

Dosage route: Oral

Preferred way of taking: warm water

Before or after a meal: After the meal

Children: Not for use of children.

Aftereffects of Ayuvedic pile relief capsule:

There are no bad effects of Ayurvedic pile relief capsules on the patient. Because of its natural ingredients, it is harmless. But we are not advising of the direct use of ayurvedic pile relief capsules before using please take the advice of your physicians.

Frequently asked questions related to Ayurvedic pile relief capsule:

  1. Question: Is the Ayurvedic pile relief capsule cured in 5 days?

Answer: Well, it is not mandatory that you can cure yourself within five days because it depends on the situation. If you have a severe condition pile then it can take more than 5 days.

  1. Question: Is this the best medicine for treating piles?

Answer: Yes, ayurvedic pile relief capsules are the best medication for treating piles. It contains natural herbs or components.

  1. Question: Can we use Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of pimples or acne?

Answer: No, this medication is not applicable for pimple treatment. Its primary function is to treat only piles.


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