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Mefenamic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Tablet – A synthesis of two medications, Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid, available in the form of a tablet is used in the treatment of heavy bleeding and extreme pain during the menstrual cycle. This combination together works by lowering the hormones in the body known as Prostaglandins in the interlining of the uterus (womb). With the brand name MEFEXA -T, this medication is available at the best manufacturer and supplier of India, Medlock Healthcare.

A Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Mefenamic Acid works by impoverishing the hormones in the body to treat menstrual cramps in women that cause pain and inflammation in the abdominal. It has been found that apart from relieving the pain of dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps), Mefenamic Acid is often used to treat several other mild to moderate pain inside the body including dental pain, headache, postpartum and postoperative pain.

Affiliated with the class of drugs named antifibrinolytics, Tranexamic Acid is a film-coated medication that is used to treat heavy bleeding during the period of menstruation. It works by clotting the blood and reducing the breakdowns of blood clots which in turn helps in heavy periods or lengthened bleeding. Tranexamic Acid is a synthetic cognate of the amino acid lysine that strives for its antifibrinolytic outcome through the reversible blockade of lysine restraining sites on plasminogen molecules.

One must immediately consult the doctor and stop taking Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid tablets if symptoms of serious side effects such as weakness & redness in arms or legs, swelling & pain in the groin, slurred speech, fainting, partial weakness of the body, etc. appear after consuming this medication.