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Paracetamol 650 Tablet

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Product Description

Paracetamol Tablet – A common painkiller and fever reducer Paracetamol is used to treat several types of pain and aches including headache, backache, toothache, muscle ache, and menstrual pain, or even to treat the symptoms of fever, cold, flu, etc. It is known to be a pain reliever for mild to moderate pains in the body and has the ability to reduce a high temperature (fever). This analgesic medicine is available by the name PERAMED at Medlock Healthcare in rich quality.

Paracetamol is prescribed as a first treatment to cure pains because it is one of the safest medicine for people and there are rarely any side effects. It works by restricting the release of chemical messengers that causes pain in the body. Because of the active contents of Paracetamol, this medicine is not recommended for people with liver or kidney problems, alcohol dependence, low sodium salt, and people who have been dehydrated or emaciated for a long time.

To acquire the best results of the medication, make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the leaflet or directed by the doctor. The dosage of paracetamol depends on certain factors such as age, weight, and severity of the condition by which is advised by the doctor or healthcare professional. Do not try to take more of the medication than recommended if it is not relieving symptoms and consult the doctor instead as taking too much paracetamol can be dangerous.

One must not take Paracetamol if he is allergic to its active substances as these active components may result in the symptoms otherwise. Do not consume any other over-the-counter medication of pain, allergy, cold, cough, etc. all along with this medication without the consultation of the doctor. Avoid the consumption of alcohol while consuming Paracetamol as Alcohol may increase the risk of liver damage.


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